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Customer Testimonials From BambooandThatchEtc.com

"My wife and I are thrilled with the bamboo fencing. It was a perfect privacy fence and it looked spectacular. We installed the bamboo fencing on our patio and now we are considering buy a thatch umbrella."---- Patrick H.

"Your bamboo poles and thatch make our patio feel like a tropical oasis. The thatch quality is excellent. Thanks for the fast delivery."---- Jason N.

"I purchased your thatch table skirts for table decoration for luaus. Really great for Hawaiian themed event. I would buy some thatching rolls later."---- Alfred D.

"I ordered 3 Tiki masks and some bamboo poles. I was pleased with the purchase and price. These masks are going to be a nice addition to my luau."---- Cecily F.

"Very pleased with price, quality and service. Highly recommend for anyone needing bamboo poles and fences."---- Gayle W.

"I expected your Raffia Table thatch Skirt to look a little fake. It's nicely made and doesn't look fake or cheap at all! I'll come back to buy your thatch roll soon."---- Deborah C.

"I buy these these bamboo fencing in order to hide my pool equipment. The bamboo fencing and thatch cover matches well to our pool area. This was a simple, but nice looking solution."---- Geoffrey V.

"Was not expecting the bamboo fencing to be so easy to install. Your fencing and thatch give the yard a cozy private feeling."---- Julie M.

"We purchased the bamboo fencing just try on the side of our property that faces the road. The fencing installed fast, and looked great! Your fencing made our backyard more secluded and private. "---- Vincent D.

"The thatch rolls and bamboo planks are awesome. I have a great experience shopping on your site. Thanks for great and speedy service."---- Wood G.

"I was very surprised and very happy with your bamboo poles. I was expecting "wimpy" bamboo poles but what I received was very sturdy ones. Much better than I expected."---- Fred.

"This thatch umbrella cover completes the Island theme that I have for my yard. Everyone is pleased with the umbrella and the atmosphere it creates. "----Dustin D.

"Our guests couldn't stop talking about your thatch umbrella cover on our deck party! It looks fabulous on our Tikibar. The bamboo poles are great too."---- Christopher M.

"These thatch umbrellas are absolutely great holding up to wind and rain. I am so happy with them that I ordered one more and some tiki statues. Highly recommended thatch site."----Mark J.

"I received the bamboo poles and thatch cover promtly. The bamboo poles are straight enough for my purposes. It would make a beautiful fence."---- Sampson

"Nice Tiki masks! These Tiki masks and statues are going to be a nice addition to my luau and are nice enough that they may find a spot in the house permanently!"----Jay L.

"I ordered the Palm Thatching Umbrella Cover, and everyone was amazed with them. I have the Thatching Cover by the pool, what a difference it made with the scenery, I would recommend this to any one!"---- Wade S.

"I purchased some tiki masks ans statues for a luau party. I ordered them, crossing my fingers they'd be as nice as they look on this site. When I got them, I was very pleased. These masks look as though each one is hand carved and painted, not mass-produced."----Luis L.

"Thank you for the free shipping of your palm leaf thatching rolls. The bamboo paneling is also in good quality."----Chris.

"My order of bamboo poles and thatch cover arrived today. They're awesome. The bamboo poles are much better than I expected."----Eric M.

"I recently purchased some bamboo fencing and thatch rolls. The quality of bamboo fencing and thatching is excellent. The delivery time is astounding too. They're also very prompt with email follow ups to any concerns. "----Josh B.

"After searching many different bamboo and thatch products, we purchased your thatching umbrella cover and bamboo poles. They are absolutely gorgeous! Moreover, your bamboo poles are much more cheaper than other online stores."----Lucky Peter

"I bought the thatch roofing and Tiki statues for my Tiki bar. Nice thatch and also the bamboo poles. Thank you for the fast delivery. I'm going to enjoy this summer in my Tiki place, lol."----Steve P.

"My second time to purchase your bamboo paneling and fencing. Really cheaper than other online bamboo stores. I'm gonna order some Tiki statues next month.:)"----Mr. Bamboo

"Have already set up the thatch roofing and bamboo fencing, everything's fine. Really pleased with the purchase." ----Joe P

"Your palm thatch roofing is really a beautiful functional roofing material. Special thanks to your fast delivery of all the thatch products."----Tiki Ballantyne

"I received the Palm leaf thatch roll and other bamboo stuff this morning. The thatch roll is perfect for my tiki hut. Welcome to my tiki bar to see my amazing work. Almost 80% bamboo and tiki stuff are bought from you."----Lewis L

"Really cheap and good bamboo poles! And your #5347 Tiki Ku is highly appreciated by my tiki fellows. I'll get some bamboo fencing later this month."----Simons Jr.

"My brother and I built an outdoor bar with your thatching roof. It is attached to my house. Your thatch is really in good quality. BTW, thanks for the free shipping. "----Pr. Tiki

"The thatching and bamboo poles you provided look great, can't wait to see them all finished. Thanks for the fast delivery."----John, M.

"I booked the thatch cover as a special treat for my husband's 60th Birthday. He really likes it! Qualiry thatch umbrella cover with really cheap price."----Milanda

"Good thatch panels! Thanks for the fast delivery for my tropical party! My friend Sum is going to order a thatch umbrella cover in 2 days."----Raymond J.

"This thatch umbrella is great, it is HUGE and well crafted, it really gives a tropical feel to my backyard! I am thinking of ordering a couple more. lol."----Tikiman

"We bought two Thatching Umbrella Cover for our pool area. They are wonderful. The look of this area is completely different. They have withstood wind, rain and sun without a problem. Very cool!"----Dick.

"For the price, once would expect cheap, rough bamboo poles, but they are legit and quality! The poles really added a natural touch to my patio." ----Martin F.

"The Lauhala Matting is going to look great with an earthy theme I hope to do in the tiki place. The thatching roll is also really good price. Thanks for the fast delivery." ----Fiona L.

"I purchased the bamboo fencing for around a tiki bar we made for my son's wedding it turned out really nice. I would recommend this for any one doing the same! Great product and service and price." ----Jeff A.

"All the three Tiki Masks look great! Most of my friends love the Blue Hawaii Mask, but I think the tongue out mask is the most attractive one for its perfect painting." ----B, Johnson

"I bought bamboo poles for my tiki hut this time. The bamboo poles you provided are really cheap and their quality are quite all right. I love the black bamboo poles more. Nice shopping store!" ----Tiki Bro

"It's my first time to buy a Tiki Mask. You really did a good job. My wife and I both love the Carvings sooo much. The Tiki Mask and torch make my room more attracting."----Jason W.

"I received the thatch umbrella and bamboo poles yesterday. I am happy with the purchasing. One of my friends has been recommending your site to me. It seems that he is right. You definitely have quality products and perfect service. I will be back soon I guess." ----Koff Z.

"Hi, I just ordered a thatch roll from your site. I noticed that you are including free shipping on palm leaf thatch, which is awesome! I am looking forward to the thatch roll. And I would like to say thank you for your excellent customer service."---- Albert Don

"I just received the two Tiki masks from you. I wanna let you know how much I love them. They are really perfect for my thatch bar, both in the design and the size. My customers told me that the masks have brought a touch of tropical romanticism to my bar. Thanks for the excellent job." ---- Maggie L.

"I received my thatch umbrella this morning. Thank you for the fast delivery and best quality. I am really happy with the order. I will be definitely recommending your online store to my friends." ----G. Senny

"I ordered thatch rolls for my thatch roof. I was impressed by the fabulous quality and your fast delivery. Thank you for providing such a wonderful shopping experience. I really enjoy shopping on your site."----Judy Ashley

"Would just like to say that I am extremely pleased with the fast delivery of my order. Thank you. The thatch panel arrived in time. Thanks for your great service."----Allen Holler

"Selection was excellent. I really like the thatch rolls. They are perfect for my roof. And I was impressed by the good quality of these thatch rolls. I love these natural and quality items. Thank you very much for providing such an excellent shopping experience."----Alice T.

"I ordered bamboo fencing and thatch from you one year ago and this is the first time I need to re-order. You are great! I strongly recommend your site to friends every chance I get."----William H.

"I was very pleased with the thatch umbrella cover, the price and the delivery. Fantastic! I will be certainly recommending your online store to my friends and families."----Peter Brontz

"I'm extremely satisfied with my order. It's beautiful table skirting for my thatch hut and I got it for the best price. Thank you for your kind service. I will definitely be a return customer."----J. Lopes

"Thank you very much for the excellent service in supplying and delivering the thatch panels. They got here exactly when I wanted. I was extremely satisfied with everything. Thank you so much."----Aileen S.

"I just wanted to thank you for the unexpected express delivery of my recent order. I ordered a thatch hut and it arrived the next day! Thank you so much."----Bella Cann

"This is my third time ordering on your site. I just moved to a new house and I need decorating materials. Your store is fantastic. Selection is wonderful. I ordered some thatch rolls and I have received them the very NEXT day. Thank you for your prompt service."----Chris Louis

"Thank you for the great customer service. Fantastic products and selection. I bought thatch rolls last month and now I am back for thatch hut and tiki masks. You always have everything I am looking for. Love your site!"----Dan Q.

"I really appreciate how quickly you shipped the palm leaf thatch. They are so fantastic that my neighbors keep asking me where I've bought them."----S. David

"I bought some thatch rolls online. And I was really impressed by the quality thatch items and fast delivery. Fantastic products and fabulous services."----S. Hoga

"I love the tropical thatch hut with interior fire retardant. Thank you for the really great customer service. You have a wide selection of eco-friendly products at an affordable price."----L. Revels

"I love Bamboo and Thatch Etc by Benson's Tropical Sea Imports. They have great selection, great prices and even better service. I have been going buying from Benson's since 1999 and have never had a bad experience. If you like the Tiki Lifestyle, Benson's has everything you need. Bar's, Tikis, Masks, Pictures, Bamboo......"----Don

"We went in thinking it was a little mom and pop store. They have a 21K square Ft warehouse full of Bamboo, Thatch, Tikis, etc... We were thrilled with the selection and the service. Plenty of good parking and good service. ..."----Big EC

"What a great experience. Benson's Tropical Sea Imports has almost everything a backyard getaway would need. Bamboo Poles, Thatch and Matting are just the beginning. Seashells, Artificial tropical plants and trees and Nautical decor round ..."----Gern B.

"I like the unique tiki decor items. I bought some tiki statues, tiki signs and torches online for my tiki theme party, which was a great success. I guess I've found the right place. You always have beautiful and unique items to surprise me. Look forward to your new arrivals."----Jeans G.

"I love the products from Benson's Import. The delivery was pretty good too. (I got the products in Los Angeles the next day ) I bought a thatch and several tropical decor for my backyard, they look great."---- H. Austin

"I love the quality bamboo poles and bamboo furniture provided by Benson's Import. You have a great selection on bamboo products. I live in Florida and I got my items very soon. I really appreciated how quickly you shipped them."---- D. Henry

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