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Clearance Items
Bamboo Poles
Bamboo Planks and Splits (1/2 Round)
Bamboo Fencing
Bamboo Plywood and Paneling
Bamboo Arbors, Bamboo Tiki Huts, Bamboo Gates, Bamboo Trellis'
Bamboo Furniture
Bamboo Torches, Bamboo Wind Chimes and Bamboo Signs
Palm Leaf and Grass Thatching
Braid & Tapa Cloth
Tiki Statues
Tiki Masks
Tiki Signs, Tiki Paddles, Tiki Torches
Coconut Palm Fiber, Dried
Artificial Granite Boulders
Artificial Tropical Trees, Tubs and Stands
Artificial Tropical Plants and Flowers
Luau Supplies
Marine Life
Seashells, Starfish & Marine Life
Nautical Décor
Mexican Décor
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Privacy Notice

Terms, Conditions, Policies and Important Information

  1. PRICES QUOTED are F.O.B. Huntington Beach, California U.S.A.
  2. PRICES and AVAILABILITY are subject to change without notice.
  3. SIZES LISTED are approximate and colors may vary.
  4. ORDERS LESS than $100.00 are subject to a $15.00 handling charge.
    • With approved credit, terms are: NET 30 days; 1.5% per month added to past due accounts.
    • Credit cards accepted: Visa, and Master Card.
  6. OPEN ACCOUNT: To establish credit, provide three trade references and one bank w/account number.
  8. SHIPPING METHOD: Please specify carrier and contact carrier for accurate estimated delivery time.
  9. QUICK SERVICE: For orders being shipped within 24 hours of receipt of the order, there will be an additional handling charge added to the order.
  10. FREIGHT DELIVERY SCHEDULES: Due to the many variables over which we have absolutely no control, we're unable to, and shall not, accept any responsibilities for untimely deliveries.
  11. PREPAID FREIGHT: The freight charges will be increased ten percent. Your freight carriers direct billing to your account will elimiminate this added cost.
  12. TRACING YOUR SHIPMENT: For UPS or RPS shipments contact us or use the tracker numbers provided. For larger truck shipments, please contact your carriers local office.
  13. CLAIMS: No claims for allowances or returns will be considered unless we're notified within three days after receipt of goods.All returns under $50 will be reimbursed as a store credit only.We wil not accept responsibility for any damaged or lost merchandise once its delivered to and/or accepted by the transportation company. Claims for lost or damaged goods are the responsibility of the consignee and all merchandise with packing materials should be retained for your carriers inspection. Shipping is a non-refundable service. Merchandise must be returned at customer's expense.
    Note: Bamboo poles and Bamboo productsare notreturnable.
  14. RESTOCKING FEE: A 20% charge will be added to returned merchandise.
  15. DROP SHIPMENTS: Once a payment procedure has been established, we can ship to your customer using your shipping labels and packing list. We don't guarantee source confidentiality, however, with many years experience we have found our customers to be most satisfied.
  16. SEA SHELLS: We handle good quality commercial grade Sea Shells, but due to the high cost we avoid offering specimen grade shells.
  17. FIRE RETARDANT: This process is done by a California State Fire Marshal approved application concern and a certificate is issued. Interior fire retardant will be removed by washing.
Prior to ordering, please carefully read the following:Thru-out the country, fire inspectors may have diverse requirements and it's therefore strongly recommended that you consult with your local inspector prior to any purchase or installation. NO guarantee as to the fire safety or the acceptability by the governing authorities are expressed or implied by Bensons' Import Corporation.
Fire safety is very important and the standards will, and do vary. Therefore, advanced planning in conjuction with your local Fire Marshal is not only a must, but a very wise and cost effective decision.
HOURS: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.
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