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Tiki Statues-14” - 20” +
Tiki Statues-14” - 20” +

Tiki Statues-40” +
Tiki Statues-40” +

Tiki Statues-60” +
Tiki Statues-60” +

Tiki Statues-80”  +
Tiki Statues-80” +

Tiki statues from Bamboo and Thatch Etc bring a beautiful tropical touch to any landscape. Each of our tiki statues or tikis is hand carved, stained and painted. Browse our unique tropical decors such as tiki hut and tiki bar and bring them into your Tiki-theme garden this season.

Tiki Statues
Originally Tiki Statues came from Polynesia and Hawaii. These tiki statues were depictions of Polynesian gods carved from wood or stone, with wood being the most popular medium. Almost all of the statues of these gods have huge eyes, wide mouths formed into a grimace and hands folded across their stomachs. Originally Hawaiian and other Tiki statues were used in Polynesian religious ceremonies and were believed to bring good luck.

Today the popularity of the Tiki statutes as home decorations have died down somewhat, but the statues themselves remain highly popular and are used as yard decorations especially in homes featuring a tiki bar.

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